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About Strong Vertical Gardens 

The Stong’s started SVG out of their home in November 2012. It was their vision to provide locally grown fresh produce to Chef’s and Grocery Stores 365 days a year.

Five years later, in their new 11,000 square foot indoor growing facility, they utilize state of the art systems to accomplish their vision. The facility, located in Charleston UT, enjoys the most updated water treatment, LED lighting & nutrient injection system. Since they grow their greens hydroponically (no soil) the water and nutrients are key to delivering safe quality produce. A water ozonating system kills pathogens and bacteria insuring a safe product. The byproduct of this system is oxygen that enriches the plants flavor, longevity and appearance. The produce is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and is NON-GMO. Water is recaptured and reused, which allows all phases of the environment to be controlled. The produce is sustainable, consistent and protected from weather and pests.

Acreage: 5.5 acres

Farming Method: Hydroponic

Crops: 30 different Micro greens, Micro green mixes, Petite Lettuce and Mache, Pea and Tendril Shoots, Edible Flowers, Crudite tiny vegetables – carrots, turnips and radish.

About the Owners:

Grant and Debbie Strong are longtime residents of Park City, Utah. They raised a family and enjoyed the unique local lifestyle of this “Mountain Paradise”. Exposure to World Class recreation opportunities and living in a place that attracts the arts in its many forms “has spoiled us”, they say. From concerts to festivals and beautiful weather, the fun never stops, and this is why the Stong’s have recommitted to developing healthy foods for the greater mountain community.